The President of the Republic, Joseph Kabila Kabange, Supreme Commander of the Army Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) and the Congolese National Police (PNC), met Thursday, in his office of Gombe, the Commissioner General of the PNC, Dieudonné Amuli Bahigwa, all the commanders of the PNC in the provinces, to whom he gave clear instructions, in connection with the responsibilities incumbent on the national police.

The Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Interior and Security, Henry Mova Sakanyi, who was invited to this meeting, told the press that the supreme commander of the FARDC and the PNC has brought all the crowned heads of the PNC, provincial commanders, to give them clear instructions on the responsibilities of the national police so that this task does not suffer any disturbance.

He told them, according to Mova Sakanyi, that they should not procrastinate about the instructions to be applied on the ground, because the police's mission is to keep an eye on the security measures that must be applied, calling the general Commissioner of the PNC and his staff to ensure discipline. For Mova Sakanyi, it was a successful and historic moment for the Head of State who made the electoral process in guaranteed security for all Congolese.

The President of the Republic wished to recall, on this occasion, his concerns as supreme commander of the FARDC and the PNC, for the improvement of working conditions at the PNC and its modernization, adding that as long as he will be at the head of the state, he will not see those who are committed to the task of security to be discouraged in any way whatsoever. He recognized the sacrifices of the PNC.